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Who we are

Guerrilla Queer Bar was started in San Francisco as an "ongoing social experiment". The inventors wanted to see what would happen if a group of adventurous, fun-loving queer folk were thrown into unexpected venues and situations (e.g. non-gay bars). The experiment was so successful that outshoots have been appearing world wide with Portland following closely behind

It has been called many things by many people.There has been media coverage by mainstream and gay press. The BBC is in post production of a feature. Despite all the poppular attention, G.Q.B. reamains "a self selecting animal." Of interest to those alternative thinkers in the queer community.

Who's Invited
Anyone and everyone is invited!!! You can even bring grandma if she'll come. This is an all age event (provided you are old enough to get into the clubs). It doesn't matter which sexual label you identify as. All Gays, Lesbians, Queers, Transgendered, Transexual, Bisexual, Asexual, Intersexual, Dykes, Fags, Butch,and Femme are invited. Queer friendly folk are encouraged to attend as well!!! For the most part G.Q.B. is self selecting,if you like the queer bars and frequent them quite often this is something you are highly unlikely to do. We tend to be adventurious by nature. Guerilla Queer Bar is open to everyone!
the non smoking side of the Low Brow Lounge-above

these girls had fun-below

Join our invite list
The idea is to use the internet and word of mouth to
spread the event's meeting spot. Dates and times are
chosen in advance, however the invasion location will
be kept a secret until the chosen date. When the
"Invasion Date" arrives members are contacted via
Yahoo groups * send an email to:
with subscribe as the subject.
If you are a Yahoo member or would like to be sign up at the link below.

gqbpdxgroup page

The next event will be announced

The original gqb
According to the GQB San Francisco site, GQB also makes an important political statement by appearing at non-gay bars or non-gay friendly bars. As the San Francisco Bar Guardian aptly put it, this statement can be paraphrased as "We're here. We're queer. And we want a little drink." In the process, we make an unspoken statement by being ourselves and having fun in an environment that wasn't specifically built for queer people.